“Your search for a Virtual Assistant ends here”

You can hire a virtual admin assistant for full time (8 hours per day) / part time (4 hours per day) or on an Hourly basis starting from $5 per hour.

Services Offered

Appointment scheduling / Calendar scheduling

Scheduling appointments is one of the important factors for any individual. If you are an extremely busy person it is required for you to manage your time in a beneficial way so that your business activities are not hampered.


We offer you the customer support solutions, we assist you in answering your customer support emails and tickets with 24/7 chat support for your website, you can cater to your customers across the globe irrespective of the time zone. Quick response to your customers will help you get more opportunity to increase your business.


Our team has handled a wide variety of data entry tasks over the years for clients across the globe. The data entry tasks can be a simple digitizing a handwritten document to complex tasks like updating ecommerce sites with the product data.

Transcription Services

We can assist you in converting your Board Meeting Audio, Interview Audios and your voice recordings to text. You can record the instruction for creating a presentation or a document and we can transcribe the recording and complete the Presentation/Document.

Ecommerce assistance

Your VA can help you in Listing Products, Uploading Products, Managing product categories, Support Provided on eBay, Amazon, Magento, Shopify, Ecommerce Support. The listings can be shared in an excel sheet along with the description and the images can be zipped in a folder the rest is handled by your VA.


Presentations are an important part for any business, be it internal meetings, business forecasting, reports, new ideas, etc… We share presentations to clients, colleagues and  vendors. This requires a lot of time, given the busy schedule you would find it difficult to dedicate time for the same.

About Us

Assisting clients globally in their Admin tasks, that’s what AdminAider stands for. Having a management with a vast experience of 14 years in Virtual assistant space is the key to success of the company. Based out of Bangalore, India, we are a global service provider of virtual assistance. Our executives work 24/7 to ensure smooth and efficient turnaround times across different time zones.

AdminAider was previously known as VAA Global Services. Adminaider provides virtual assistants who specialize in administrative tasks. From appointment/ calendar scheduling to hotel/ flight bookings, MS Office tasks to daily mundane tasks – Assign any of these tasks to our Admin Assitants’s. This helps you focus on more important tasks that might need your undisturbed and undivided attention.

“Your search for a VA ends here at AdminAider”. You can hire a virtual admin assistant for full time (8 hours per day) / part time (4 hours per day) or on an Hourly basis. We also provide virtual admin assistants on task basis and customize the packages accordingly.

The difference of time zone gives the clients an advantage as you can assign your work any day/time and from any part of the world. As Timothy Ferris said in one of his largest selling book Four hour work week “The world is definitely flat”.

Why Choose Us

Expereinced management team

Flexible Packages

Reduce your overhead cost

Dedicated Virtual Assistant

Helps you focus on Business

Quickly scale up your business



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